This site was launched in 2014 and is no longer active. The most-voted-for site was Howard Terminal, which the Oakland A's finally made a push for 5 years later, starting in 2019. Give the people what they want!

The story

The Oakland Athletics need a new home. Their ballpark is old and broken. For about 10 years, the team has been thinking about moving to several locations in northern California, including locations in San Jose, Sacramento and Oakland.

But what do the fans want? It's your turn to vote. Below are all the major ideas and proposals.

How it works: You can vote once per proposed stadium. If you like all the ideas, vote for all of them. If you only like two of the ideas, vote for two of them, etc.

The proposals

Upvote the proposals you like.



Cisco Field

Location: San Jose, CA, just south of HP Pavilion.

Designed by: 360 Architecture

Cisco Field is a proposal to move the Athletics to San Jose, one hour south of their current Oakland home. The proposal is a small ballpark just south of SAP Center (formerly HP Pavilion), in a very central location in San Jose. Both the City of San Jose and the current Athletics owners are pushing to make this happen, although the San Francisco Giants own territorial rights in the city.



Raley Field

Location: West Sacramento, CA

Designed by: HNTB

Raley Field is an idea to take the current ballpark of the Sacramento Rivercats (the Athletic’s AAA team) and remodel it into a bigger stadium, more fit for the MLB. This is an option if the Athletics have a difficult time relocating in Oakland, San Jose or elsewhere in the Bay Area.



Estuary Waterfront Project

Location: Oakland, CA, east of Jack London Square

Designed by: D’Sjon Dixon

Estuary Waterfront Project was developed by East Bay native D’Sjon Dixon, to build onto the current public seven acre grassfield Estuary Park, located just a few blocks east of Jack London Square. has some reservations, but the renderings, idea and proximity to downtown and Jack London Square intrigue the mind.



Coliseum City

Location: Oakland, CA, near 66th Ave

Designed by: JRDV Architects

Coliseum City is a gigantic plan/concept to demolish the current Coliseum (where the A’s currently play) and Oracle Arena (home of the Warriors) and build a new football stadium, baseball ballpark and basketball arena. This Coliseum City will also have mixed-use buildings for retail and residential use. The City of Oakland generally supports this idea and the current A’s ownership (and Raiders) are somewhat interested.



Howard Terminal

Location: Oakland, CA, west of Jack London Square

Designed by: MANICA Architecture

Howard Terminal is a proposal to build a ballpark just west of Jack London Square, right on or close to the water. Howard Terminal is a part of the Port of Oakland. The City of Oakland likes the potential of a ballpark here, although the owners of the Athletics are less enthusiastic about the site.